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Former Evangelical church in Nowogrodziec

The former Evangelical-Lutheran church in Nowogrodziec is now a multifunctional concert hall, which houses the Culture and Art Centre “MUZA”. The history of the former church began on 17 July 1885, when the foundation stone was laid in the presence of the then pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Bock, and already on 10 November 1886 its construction was completed. The church served the evangelicals until 1945. Nowogrodziec was not spared from the effects of military action during World War II. Many monuments were destroyed and some changed their purpose, adapting to the needs of the local environment. This was also the case with the church, which functioned as a gymnasium for almost the next 30 years of the 20th century. After a modern sports hall was built in Nowogrodziec, the gymnasium within the walls of the historic church was excluded from this form of activity and was used minimally for several years. The progressive degradation of the facility, with its constant maintenance costs, was the basis for the decision to undertake a major redevelopment. The renovation work undertaken in 2002, however, interfered too deeply into the architecture of the form and led to its aesthetics being disturbed.
In 2017, construction work began to transform the building into a multi-purpose hall with a cultural and artistic character. The area around the building was also renovated, creating a car park as well as a venue for outdoor events. The former entrance from Lubańska Street was also restored. The newly created venue, which can accommodate over 220 people, is used for concerts, exhibitions, performances, conferences and film screenings. The hall is equipped with modern acoustic equipment, which allows for professional sound amplification of a wide range of events. The municipality and the city of Nowogrodziec have thus gained a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences concerning culture and art in the broadest sense.